iFORCEVideos – Dusty Hanshaw Guest Posing – 2011 Border States Bodybuilding Championships

Only 3 weeks out from the 2011 Nationals, Dusty Hanshaw was the featured guest poser at Jon Lindsay’s Border States Bodybuilding Championships in San Diego California on Oct 29, 2011.

Evan Centopani Tribute 2011

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Shake Weight – Somethin’Scandalous *NEW SONG 2011* [HD]

DOWNLOAD LINK(S): www.mediafire.com www.hotnewhiphop.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com (Chorus) Pull up to the party With a fresh new pair Everybody wanna look Everybody wanna stare And if you wanna man GIRL, I gotta plan Do the shake weight girl As fast as you can (Bridge) 6 minute work out What should i use to? Work out Shake weight Shake weight Do it (x4) Till my hands break Artist(s): Atikh Bana (Tikh) Bakri Ahmed (YB) Mahamud Sharif (Young Nino) Prod. By Abu Dhabi & Sango

Flex Friday – January 21st, 2011

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Ronnie Coleman – Tribute 2011

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