Lose The Love Handles Workout – Oblique Shredder Workout

athleanx.com Ever wonder why they’re called “love” handles when most every guy actually hates them? Well…if you’re one of the many that have no love for these flabby folds, take a few minutes to watch this circuit workout that you can start doing today to build ripped obliques and a muscular six pack stomach with minimal time investment. Look at some of the best bodies in pro sports and the one thing you’ll find in common with all these athletes is a ripped and muscular midsection. No six pack stomach is complete without an equally impressive set of obliques that bookends them. Even if you have a muscular chest, big triceps, big biceps, jacked shoulders, and massive legs…if you still have a chubby waist everything else seems to come off as less impressive. Get a set of cut obliques and you will start turning heads like my celebrity fitness clients do when they take their shirts off on the set. Jeff Cavaliere is the creator and founder of the AthLEAN-X Training System. This 90 day workout system is designed to give you a bigger chest, bigger arms, ripped abs, and an athletic body with just 3 to 5 workouts a week that last just 20-30 minutes each. If you’ve tried P90X without being satisfied with the results it’s time to switch to the AthLEAN-X program now and get in the best shape of your life!

Turbo Jam- Caterina does Fat Blaster!

www.facebook.com Hey! It’s Caterina & I want to share with you the program that CHANGED MY LIFE, no joke! I am 100% addicted to anything Turbo & you’ll get to see WHY. I’m doing TURBO JAM the FAT BLASTER workout! It’s only 30 minutes and you end up dripping wet with sweat! Want to order Turbo Jam, here you go: www.cardiopartycat.com Turbo Jam was created by fitness trainer Chalene Johnson. She’s also the creator of Turbo Kick, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, Hip Hop Hustle & PiYo. Other inspiring fitness trainers to me Tony Horton, Shaun T., Leandro Carvalho (fitness trainer to the Victoria Secret models), Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner

Kettlebell Bodybuilding Workout II

Visit hardtimeshardbodies.com and Claim Your FREE muscle building PDF report to build muscle fast. Here is the workout protocol for this video, “Kettlebell Bodybuilding Workout II”. Exercise #1 – Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Exercise #2 – Kettlebell 2-Bell Swing Exercise #3 – Kettlebell Fwd Lunge Exercise #4 – Kettlebell Squat and Press Exercise #5 – Sprint 200-400 Meters -No Rest Between Exercises -2 to 10 Repetitions Per Movement -Weighted Pull Ups Pull Ups to Failure Between Each Exercise -As Many Circuits As Possible in 30 Minutes

Hollywood Hotel Muscle Workokut (Upper Body Push Day) Part 1 of 2

The Hollywood Hotel Upper Body Muscle Workout. Brought to you by Vince Del Monte and www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com I got flown into Hollywood for a last minute “emergency” by some very important people. I can’t share the details but you can guess in the comments section. This was filmed Thursday December 17th at 8am PST, not wed as I said in video. Got my days mixed up. Upper Body Workout Triceps: 1 Arm Cable Extension: 2 x 25 reps 1 Arm DB Kickbakcs 2 x 25 Bench Dips 2 x 25 Shoulders: Rear Delt Cable Flys 2 x 25 Leaning Side Cable Raises 2 x 25 Seated Arnold Presses 2 x 25 Chest Low to High Cable Flys 2 x 25 Pushups 2 x 25 Plus 30 minutes of light cardio. I’ll cya tomorrow with part 2 of the Hollywood Muscle Workout.