Female Muscle – Tanya and Lindsey the Beast Training hard!

TanyaFitness.com features the workout videos of Tanya and Lindsey “The Beast” Spitler (Lindsey Cope) as Lindsey prepares for the 2011 NPC Jr. USA’s women physique class. Watch these 2 gorgeous muscle beauties lift massive amounts of weight and push each other thru an intense workout, 80′s hardcore style!

Reggie Bush? NO! LOL Yusuf Myers Going Hard! *PURE RESULTS*

Yusuf myers working out! This is a real circuit!!!!


With a punishing shoulder workout, here’s Jonny the strongman competitor, Dan the bodybuilder, and Ben the personal trainer and fitness model – all three pushing each other to the limits as they attempt to shoulder-press more than their bodyweight. This is the kind hard work needed to put each of these athletes at the top of their game, no short cuts. And if evidence were needed of the benefits of having training partners, this is it – not just for technical spotting, but also to provide motivation and encouragement during those exhausting last few reps. Personal trainer Ben is at www.bfittraining.co.uk

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