Skinny To Buff: Muscle Building Month 1 and 2

Hey. I’m 16 years old, and i have been working out for about two months. I am a little bit over six feet and i weigh about 152 pounds. I started working out because I was tired of being really skinny and I wanted to be buff before SPRING BREAK and college. Ideally I want to put on enough muscle as to where it looks nice for my tall body build. I know there are two other guys my age who have similar videos (ripped2tide, helpmegetbuff) and they inspired me to get mine going. Please comment on any workout plans(im in need of a weekly (specific) one. and nutrition. As of now I’m only eating 1 protein bar a day and two peanut butter sandwiches(on wheat) that’s not all i eat…lol but as far as protein intake, that’s where i am. ummm…yea is great but SO many people on here have so many good ideas and advice and i wanted to get in on it. Thanks! Comment, Subscribe, and watch my progress!!