Burning Fat Exercise – Top 10 Muscle Building Tips 06 – Progressive Resistance

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Top Two Secrets of Effective Body Building

The two top secrets are the concepts of Progressive Resistance as well as Compound Movements. Progressive Resistance is the strength training method in which the body is treated like the frog in a pot of water. If a frog is placed in pot of water and then the heat is turned on the water will heat up gradually and the frog will not realize that it is being cooked. The concepts of progressive resistance are vital for the working out of your muscles and to properly build strength. This is due to the fact the body adapts to exercise and needs to be constantly worked out in order to continue to grow and to change. A gradual increase of workload will keep the muscles worked out without damaging the ligaments of your tissues.

Compound movements deal with a combination of either two or more muscle groups rolled into one exercise. These function in a way that will activate as many muscles as possible. The thrust of working numerous muscle groups simultaneously makes the body work harder due to the fact that several key groups are working together to take on a heavier load over that which an isolated muscle would handle independently.

Good examples of compound movements are the dead lift, bench press, and squats. The dead lift deals with a variety of muscles which include the lower back, upper back, the trapezius, the hamstrings and various other sets of muscles. On the other end the bench press works with the pectorals which are your chest muscles as well as the front deltoids. Progressive Resistance and Compound Movements are the two key thrusts that will catalyze the achievement of your goals and objectives in your quest to get your body in good shape.