What Magazine Has Good Articles For People Who Own A Small Business?

I am 26, I slaved myself for 2 companies after college and never went anywhere.
  Every magazine seems to have articles about how to be on the good side of your head, how workers get time with your peers, and how to climb the corporate ladder.
  Every magazine seems to them, fitness magazines, variety magazines, and even the journal Science. I was addicted to these articles that try to get ahead in my company. But after much frustration, I left and started my own business last year.
  I'm fine. I got my own office without kissing anybody, I also increasingly hard work and good profits, they need not worry about being on the good side of anyone.
  The strange thing is how I was addicted to these "how to get ahead" articles. They are everywhere, I never realized I do not see any advice for people with small businesses.
  What magazine has articles for people with their own small business?