Carl Weathers Interview

Carl Weathers Interview – We talk to action movie legend Carl Weathers while meeting fans at Collectormania London. Carl is best known as Appollo Creed, Rocky’s nemisis and friend in Sylvester Stallone’s classic boxing movies. He also starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator before making memorable comic turns in Happy Gilmore and Arrested Development. Carl talks about working with Sly and Arnie, giving his views on who’s the toughest. He also shares a laugh telling us how he persuaded the creators of Arrested development to let him play a cheepskate version of himself on the hit comedy show. Presented and Post by Russell Nelson Camera by Bernadette McIntyre With thanks to Showmasters

I Think It’s Stallone now – Sylvester Stallone Tribute

Music video to the hit song I Think It’s Stallone Now which I co-wrote with a friend of mine and which I perform lead vocals and my friend singing back-up. The song is a parody of the Tiffany version of I Think We’re Alone Now!