UFC Personal Trainer Testimonial – Alfonso

Alfonso loves the game — especially the combos. After a couple weeks, he was getting ridiculous results — and all his friends started commenting. His girlfriend was so impressed — she started working out with him. In 8 weeks, Alfonso lost 25 pounds! Alfonso also claimed that the UFC personal trainer helped him with his asthma — and feels he can breath better now than when he started. For more, connect at www.ufcpersonaltrainer.com

Celeb Trainer & Body Building Champ Dean Ash- HARD-CORE Workout!!!!

UK Body building champion and personal trainer to Hollywood celebrities Dean Ash, shows you how to correctly train your back and biceps. HARD-CORE workout!

UFC Personal Trainer Testimonial – Matt

Matt said the game was like having your own trainer — right in your home — whenever you wanted to work out. And Matt went for it — sometimes working out 2-3 times a day. He changed his diet, added runs in the park — and the results speak for themselves. In 8 weeks, Matt lost 31 pounds and over 12 inches in his waist.

Bodybuilding – Powertec Basic Trainer Ab Training with Rob Riches

www.powertecfitness.com – Team Powertec Rob Riches guides us through a workout for your six pack on the Powertec Basic Trainer. Visit our website www.powertecfitness.com Connect with us Like us on Facebook http Follow us on Twitter (@Powertec) www.twitter.com