Female Muscle – Tanya and Lindsey the Beast Training hard!

TanyaFitness.com features the workout videos of Tanya and Lindsey “The Beast” Spitler (Lindsey Cope) as Lindsey prepares for the 2011 NPC Jr. USA’s women physique class. Watch these 2 gorgeous muscle beauties lift massive amounts of weight and push each other thru an intense workout, 80′s hardcore style!

Best Tricep Home Workout, Get big arms fast

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Arm Workouts “60 Seconds on Muscle” Bodybuilders Training Muscles MuscleTech Bodybuilding Muscle

60 Seconds on Muscle Series: bodybuilding workout footage. Bodybuilder Phil Heath explains his tips for Incline Dumbell Curls in part two of his video series. This IFBB Pro bodybuilder has some of the most impressive biceps and triceps in the business. Team MuscleTech bodybuilders workout hard for huge muscle growth. They supplement with only the best bodybuilding and sport supplements around — MuscleTech Supplements! More bodybuilding muscle workout videos at www.muscletech.com