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23 Responses to “Backyard Muscle Building –”
  1. Navelboi says:

    you have a super sexy and good looking OUTIE BELLY BUTTON

  2. jdhf983y4uhu says:

    @J4FHunting Pull Up Dip Station

  3. pplala100 says:


  4. gustavofranco says:

    You are so hot

  5. J4FHunting says:

    whats that for a gym stuff
    how call it???

    sry for bad english. . . german dude u know^^

  6. SebbeochDennis says:

    @oflamemakero the back muscles is the most important muscle in football after legs ofc,

  7. kittykins911 says:

    do you use supplements or have any kind of particular diet, i am trying to build strength and lean muscle any tips would be much appreciated, o an keep up the good work whatever your doing its clearly working lol one of them “wtf does your ma feed you lad” xP

  8. dmcmakaveli says:

    @orkie55 stfu if u dont like it stfu. . noone asked ur opinion fool

  9. crazytrk9 says:

    hey bro sick video
    btw wats the name of the song ?

  10. YoungTrellafrella says:

    u go haaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. 11033066099 says:

    nice vid man, what typa ab workouts do you do?

  12. ImaBAMF2029 says:

    do you train your lower body at all?

  13. Cloud9Kennels says:

    stay up boss. keep up the hard work!

  14. kittykins911 says:

    @fl53 hey shut up dont diss 2 pac. u dont like it go away lol

  15. homebuddha says:

    don’t forget to work out those chicken legs

  16. Ihatemondayz says:

    what track is it?

  17. orkie55 says:

    nigger music

  18. vengadorsky says:

    @3ussian cursed by dna. . . learn to live with it. . . : / try to make your pecs as big as possible though. . i think that’ll make your nipples look smaller

  19. XDHiPotionXD says:

    How long have u been training?

  20. corymac011 says:

    @anaki71 exactly

  21. adderguy6 says:

    pretty impressive workout, lifting your legs like that is a crazy ab workout.
    oh and that pitbull tattoo is great, looks awesome dude

  22. anaki71 says:

    @corymac011 lol yeh that guy is an idiot you use your whole body in football

  23. fl53 says:

    The music, if you call it that is shameful.

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