How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast – Muscle Gain for Skinny Guys

Visit to build Lean Muscle Mass


25 Responses to “How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast – Muscle Gain for Skinny Guys”
  1. ta6458 says:

    @lilxballax8 cheers mate. keep watching. . . more coming soon

  2. ta6458 says:

    @29parky thanks man. I’m going to be making more soon so make sure you subscribe to my channel

  3. ta6458 says:

    @MultiSexyboy11 thanks dude. I live to give!

  4. ta6458 says:

    @avramoviczvonko its sinner by drowning pool. hope you enjoyed the vid.

  5. avramoviczvonko says:

    what is name of this song

  6. MultiSexyboy11 says:

    yes girls like muscles any way nice work m. r ta6458

  7. dakr2 says:

    Check those ugly tits at 0:42!!

  8. 29parky says:

    Awesome video man!!!! Great job. Best muscle video on youtube.

  9. colabocks says:

    LOL! These are just a bounch of gayass pictures with assface music? How was that answering the question?

  10. TheIAmLucky13 says:

    @rollo12000 the answer is steroids, thats what hes trying to say

  11. TheIAmLucky13 says:

    You are showing old school dudes on here that were steroids, know your facts before you post a video with them in it.

  12. FROMANJEFF44 says:

    lookin at the comments, ima not even watch the vid lol

  13. pdebie1982 says:

    too bad this vid is just a spam for the website. Nothing to learn here at all!

  14. noahtsunami says:

    The name’s song is sinner of Drowning Pool

  15. lilxballax8 says:

    haha cool video

  16. PlayDohz06 says:

    @rollo12000 LOL. The video should be called “how do I?” not “How to”

  17. abetterdaytocome says:

    I love these videos. . wut they dont mention is u need a massive amount of steroids to look like just bout everyone one of those guys haha

  18. biGLcss says:

    whats the name of the song???

  19. biGLcss says:

    song name?

  20. Cassyan says:

    what the hell is this?

  21. CeeEmmz says:

    —-off to scoobys workshop—>

  22. PipRok says:

    @rollo12000 I think the pictures are the answers. Lol

  23. szopdleazanyadat says:

    ohh crap, check the link out. its somethin get-big-fast-with-our-shit site. and it worths nothing, i promise.

  24. lioli93 says:

    the worst thing know to man thanks for nothing douche bag

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