I Think It’s Stallone now – Sylvester Stallone Tribute

Music video to the hit song I Think It’s Stallone Now which I co-wrote with a friend of mine and which I perform lead vocals and my friend singing back-up. The song is a parody of the Tiffany version of I Think We’re Alone Now!


23 Responses to “I Think It’s Stallone now – Sylvester Stallone Tribute”
  1. KeanuReeves117 says:

    You’re. . . . . . . such. . . . . . . a knob.

  2. DrRobert909 says:

    @CdnBlt Haha. . . not really, I just thought the song fit perfect.

  3. lemmyliquor says:

    ###TWO WORDS#####. . . FRANK STALLONE. . . . . !


    just begging 4 a remix lol

  5. CdnBlt says:

    i take it you love TIFFANY, TOO!

  6. milkflake says:

    Great script

  7. SaneStarkiller says:

    Aw god :D I fookin love Stallone, this is great!!

  8. mikeuk2323 says:

    If u cant sing dont try

  9. ThreeCatsScratching says:

    great concept but get a singer to do it

  10. DrRobert909 says:

    @traxxas30 Hahaha. . . . thank you. . . . I wish I could sing so this song would be more enjoyable for people

  11. traxxas30 says:

    my ears are bleeding but good job on the song

  12. jornekedegangster says:

    i want the old stallone back

  13. snow2312 says:

    this makes me laugh

  14. milkflake says:


  15. McRockwell8J says:

    This is a great video well done ^_~

  16. TVMoviesMusicAndMore says:

    Awesome video!

  17. whalefail101 says:

    lol mad

  18. BreakingNV says:


  19. milkflake says:


  20. keonepax says:

    Love this Stallone version!

  21. Beholdthecoma says:

    @DrRobert909 you’re welcome.

  22. DrRobert909 says:

    @Beholdthecoma Learning to sing would also help me. . . . lol, but thank you for liking the song!

  23. Beholdthecoma says:

    ha ha ha, this is so clever. I’m so sorry though, but you should get auto-tune and some other voice editing software, as well as another music software. But i think the lyrics are so clever.

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