Check out more fitness articles and videos at: www.muscleandfitness.com Are you one of the many who don’t use wrist straps when you train? If so we now it’s probably because you have yet to understand the true benefit of his ‘must have’ in your gym arsenal. … muscle fitness training reverse-grip “reverse grip” “bench press” “muscle and fitness” “muscle & fitness” health exercise workout gym weights bodybuilding wellness nutrition


2 Responses to “M&F RAW! #10 – BENEFITS OF WRIST STRAPS”
  1. tselegala says:

    I used straps when i first started weightlifting and then i stopped. I had trouble at first because my fingers kept opening up and couldn’t complete my sets. This indicated unbalanced strength. I worked hard on grip to get that grip endurance and strength balanced out. I am no longer limited by it and my strength quadrupled since then.

    I don’t look at the same way i guess. I don’t see my back as being too strong for my hands but my hands being to weak for my back. Weak is bad.

  2. rijed says:

    Great presentation. Thanks for the perspective and information.

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