lately trying to grow that V-Taper in your back? Pull-Ups are a great way to increase your back size and emphasize width in the Lats. Sit down, relax and take notes from our very own Fitness Expert and Guru Jim Stoppani, PhD. In this episode he gives you some info on Density Pull-ups and how to make them apart of your next routine. … muscle fitness training reverse-grip “reverse grip” “bench press” “muscle and fitness” “muscle & fitness” health exercise workout gym weights bodybuilding …


2 Responses to “M&F RAW! #2 – DENSITY TRAINING”
  1. Uouttooo says:

    Nice advice! What happens when you can do a couple of 12 rep sets? Where do you go from there? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go.

  2. jacktherobot says:

    I’m going to try this. I suck at pullups.

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