the key for breaking through your next plateau. The Barbell Military press is one of the best exercises for developing Herculean-like shoulders, yet controversy over which type of technique is better ensues. The “NEVER DO THAT” philosophy is thrown out the window as OUR side is voiced by none other than our very own Jim Stoppani PhD. … muscle fitness training reverse-grip “reverse grip” “bench press” “muscle and fitness” “muscle & fitness” health exercise workout gym weights bodybuilding …


3 Responses to “M&F RAW! #5 – BARBELL SHOULDER PRESS”
  1. BoRN2theIRON says:

    Nice. Good info.

  2. petestrat07 says:

    Thanks man. . I was goin too deep behind the head.

  3. meamichael says:

    excellent post, dude.

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