New Weigh-In At Last! (Jan. 24, 2012)

Progress is his middle name! My heart rate actually topped out at 162, which is the first time I’ve been well into the “athletic conditioning” range for my age, at least according to the little “chart” thing on the treadmill. Never seen it get that high before.


24 Responses to “New Weigh-In At Last! (Jan. 24, 2012)”
  1. TheRougeWalrus says:

    dude good job thats pretty awesome you pushed yourself to your goal weight and did it :) good job

  2. Daniela Ferro says:

    Good job tim all your subs are proud of you. U are the best let’s player. Keep it up we’re all cheering for u.

  3. BagiClaymations says:

    Believe it or not, I actually got into his vlogs before his gaming videos, I saw him the runnawayguys back when it was announced and I decided to check him out, then I cam across his magfest videos and that’s where I started watching from.

  4. bluediamondwarriors5 says:

    my weigh back in 2007 was 159 now it is 337

  5. BritishBanette says:

    Your an inspiration to all of your fans.  KEEP UP THE WORK!

  6. sotoxful says:

    SO PROUD! It seems we are having NCS for a long time

  7. Diceslice says:


  8. NightShot444 says:


  9. smoshloverify says:

    is this nitendo capisun

  10. seffaboy says:

    I am literally clapping for you right now, tim. Keep it up!

  11. TheZeldub says:

    I wonder if anyone watches your vlogs and doesn’t watch your LPs.

  12. Jp3game says:

    im soproud

  13. DaedalusDan says:

    Since my exercise got more serious, I’ve actually been GAINING weight, but I’ve been losing fat (they have an electrical weighing machine that can tell how much fat you have with electronic impulses).

    My progress has been less dramatic than yours, man.

    Keep up the great work!! I’m rooting for you!

    Just a quick hint: try eating eggs and other protein-rich food in the morning. Doing so will supercharge your metabolic rate, dramatically increasing the amount of calories you use daily.

  14. DarkFireMario100001 says:

    if you gain 2 pound next weak it might not be fat but muscle.

  15. MrGeorgeFlorcus says:

    25 pounds since you started 3 months ago, wow! And this video is already weeks old, you’re probably even lower than that now! Fantastic news, I’m so happy for you!

    and btw, happy 3 month anniversary for the gym!

    In no time at all, you’ll be under the weight you had while working, keep going!!

  16. NoShameinOurGame says:

    That is awesome man keep it up

  17. legaceitful says:

    If I were you I would’ve pointed at that scale and said is this okay mommy?

  18. xxpwnage99xx says:

    Congrats man!

  19. Tripp426 says:

    You’re doing great, man. We’re all proud of you.

  20. VideogameninjaYT says:

    (Smash Bros.  Announcer) CONGRATULATIONS!

  21. lomani57 says:

    Great job man keep up the great work

  22. iiJaws says:

    you must have sh*t a brick. literally!

  23. Keithtakesitupdabutt says:

    love ya tim

  24. DarkForce899 says:

    Yayyyy! Gooooo Tim!

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