Weight Training Exercises to Burn Fat or Cardio Exercise?

www.HugoRivera.net – Weight Training Exercises vs Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat. Become a fan www.facebook.com What is the best exercise for fat loss: weight training exercise or cardiovascular exercise? For fat loss, weight training exercise burns more body fat than cardiovascular exercise. Weight training exercise gives you a metabolic boost for 24-48 hours. The reason for that is because when you perform weight training exercise a lot of damage happens to the muscle fibers, and thus, the body has to spend energy repairing the muscle and making it stronger than before. Traditional cardiovascular exercise, on the other hand, only burns calories throughout the duration of the exercise. Once the activity is done, your metabolism goes back to normal. Because of this, weight training is a better exercise for fat loss since your metabolism is stimulated for much longer. Also, keep in mind that cardiovascular exercise cannot re-shape your body in the way that weight training does. If you are looking to have a tight and fit toned body, weight training is what you need to emphasize. With that said, keep in mind that fat loss is really a function of your diet as well, so if you are not following a diet that puts you in a slightly lower caloric deficit, you won’t be able to lose any body fat. But from the perspective of exercise, weight training beats cardio any time. Conclusion Because with weight training exercise you can: 1) Increase your metabolism for 24-48 hours. 2) Re-shape


11 Responses to “Weight Training Exercises to Burn Fat or Cardio Exercise?”
  1. GreatWarr says:

     this nigga is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig

  2. thehollymoli says:

    i wish i bumped into this page a long time ago

  3. endermid says:

    interval training burns fat

  4. ToughGermanWoman says:

    Thanks a lot, this was enlightening.

  5. Dizzeegaskell says:

    Hey hugo, would you be able to cover something for the nutrition of a clean bulk?
    Thanks, your a massive inspiration. 

  6. churchysam says:

    Does HIIT is under stand category. Some books say that training will help you burn calories after the workout is completed. Is that true?

  7. HugoRiveraFitness says:

    @churchysam: The purpose of cardio is to burn calories and to create better cardiovascular efficiency. It is important for the heart muscle to be in shape too and to me, that is the biggest purpose of cardio. I suggest that cardio be done 20-30 min for 3-5 times/week for some extra calorie burning & good cardiovascular health. The key thing to remember is that for fat loss, it is weights that need to be emphasized and not cardio :)

  8. churchysam says:

    I understand what you saying and this video is very good but my question is now What is the purpose of cardio? And is it necessary do cardio?

  9. Jakobdude93 says:

    Good video hugo!

  10. HugoRiveraFitness says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it. Let me know what other sort of videos you’d like me to make.


  11. pwalsh793 says:

    excellent advice hugo.

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